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Meet Your Guides

All of our guides are highly experienced photographers who will provide you with a fun, educational experience in the Alaskan wilderness.


Kristoff Druva is a professional photographer based out of Denver, CO using his camera to help protect wildlife and the natural world. He has traveled through the U.S. in all different seasons and environments over the past 4 years documenting unique behaviors displayed by wildlife and showing their personalities through different angles.


Kris Luckenbach is a nature photographer and videographer from Kodiak, AK. In addition to wildlife photography, he specializes in capturing aurora borealis and understands the data and weather to get the best location possible for each aurora storm. He also love doing drone work like FPV shots, cinematic video, and aerial photographs.


Joey Hausler is a wildlife photographer and school counselor based in Homer, AK. His work has been featured in the Living Bird magazine, the Homer visitor guide magazine, and the borough election pamphlets. With a special interest in birds, Joey's style of photography focuses on soft light, sharp images, and clean compositions.


Scott Davis

"I traveled to Alaska in the summer of 2022 to photograph a brown bear in the wild. After a string of bad luck, I reached out to Sergius to help me find them on the river and after less than one hour, we located a juvenile brown bear and my trip was a success. I couldn't have done it without him!"

Ramesh Kodavatiganti

"Alaska is a wild wonder. Sergius makes a workshop experience - Wonderful with his patient persistence at getting to the right location for the best shots both visually & artistically! It's never a let down with Sergius technically, location and wildlife spotting: always an amazing time! He's out there to help your portfolio and not be focused for his own gallery."

Dr. Mark McCaffrey

"I bet there are guys that took photography workshops from Jimmy Chin in the 1990s before he broke out. Those guys tell their kids about that now. Be that guy."

Photo by Evan Pak
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