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Sea Turtle Hatchling

Sea Turtle Hatchling

My classmates and I spotted this green sea turtle hatchling make its way to the ocean for the first time along with many of its siblings. Unfortunately, many of them were not so lucky. Seagulls waited maliciously for the hatchlings to come out of the brush for a chance to swoop them up for a quick meal. Sea turtles face many obstacles throughout their lifetime, but their first journey out into the ocean is by far the most dangerous. 

  • Hand Signed

    All prints are signed using a digital copy of my personal signature by default. If you want a physically signed copy, look for the "Hand Signed Shipping" option at checkout. Hand signed copies will include a personal thank you card from me :)

    Please allow an additional 2-3 days for a physically signed copy to be shipped.

Hand-Signed Limited Edition

All prints include a digital signature using the default shipping selection. If you would like a limited hand-signed copy, please select "Limited Edition" shipping at checkout. Only 50 of these numbered, dated, & hand-signed prints will be produced.


All prints are printed at Miller's Professional Imaging



Kodak Professional Endura Premier Paper (Traditional E-Surface Paper) is the most popular paper used by professional photographers.



  • Super smooth black plastic mounting substrate.

  • As an all plastic board, it is not affected by humidity or moisture.

  • Depth is approximately 2mm.

image (6).jpg

Metal (with float mount)

Printed on a white aluminum surface and employing a modern dye-sublimation process and the latest technology for enhanced color, clarity and detail, Vivid Metals are a show-stopping contemporary décor piece.

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